Cariad ni ŵyr feio..."Love knows no blame"?

I’m puzzled by a phrase found on

Cariad ni ŵyr feio, cas ni ŵyr canmol

I painstakingly attempted to translate the explanatory note that accompanied the phrase:

Ni welwn fai yn rhywun yr ydym yn ei garu, ac ni welwn unrhyw rinwedd yn rhywun yr ydym yn ei gasáu - Seeing no fault in anyone we love, and not seeing any virtue in anyone we hate.

And thus I arrived at an English equivalent…I think:

“Love knows no blame, hate knows no praise”

How close am I to the real thing? I tried a general search of for the phrase itself, but found nothing.


You’re absolutely spot on! :smiley:

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Diolch yn fawr!

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