Can't Log Into Spanish Course


I haven’t used the site for a few days, and when I just tried to to log in to do my Spanish practice, my log in details weren’t working. It wasn’t accepting my email, even though it’s (of course) the same one as I use for learning Welsh on here.

I’m trying to get to the page that looks like this but for Spanish instead of Welsh:
I was on about lesson 19. Instead, it’s redirecting me to this page:
Any idea why?

I can still log in to the site in general, but can’t find the specific page.

Hola Alex!

Did you get this sorted? We’ve been developing a new website for the Spanish course and it looks like you’re being redirected there. Did you manage to get back in to where you were?

Tutor and Online Support

Having the same problem as the original poster! I get redirected to that newer site every time I try to access the course. I can access all the other courses just fine except for that one, and it won’t accept my login info for the site in general.

Could you send an email through to and we’ll sort it out for you.

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