Can't go beyond challenge 15 level 1

I have been enjoying the challenges so far, and I know I have to pay to continue beyond no.15, but the problem is my android phone app just stops there and does not give me the option to pay for the rest. I have checked I have the latest version of the app. Help please! Anna

@louis @Kinetic sorry guys, I can’t remember which one of you will be best to help Anna with this so I’m tagging you both!

I think it’s @jamesmahoney we want for the Android app, actually! (And it’d be @lewie for the iOS one, not the homophonous @louis :D)

This is why I don’t use apps - it’s all far too confusing for me! :wink:


You have to sign up for a paid service on - sorry, I am unsure of the specific page to use to do so

Just make sure you use the same email address to sign into the website and the app and it will pick up any new lessons you have - you’ll need to hit the refresh button to force it to grab the new lessons though

Oh, sorry - didn’t realise that the Android app didn’t have a subscribe facility. Yeah, in that case @anna-polya you just need to start a subscription at It should hopefully be pretty self-explanatory - let us know if you have any trouble with it!

I like the sound of this :slight_smile:


It doesn’t make you a bad person. :laughing:

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You mean as in polyphonous? Definitely not :smile: i struggle just being monophonous

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As long as you’re not heterophonous. :laughing:

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