***Cancelled*** - Llandysul Meet-up, First Sunday of month, Calon Tysul

I’ve been promising myself and various passers by for ages that we will have a meet-up in Llandysul, and have not found a sensible time to have it. Until now…

On the first Sunday morning of every month, there is a table top sale in Calon Tysul (The Leisure Centre), Heol Llyn y Fran, Llandysul, from 10 til 1. I will be there for the whole time, as I’m on the trustees. That means that if anyone wants to come and meet me, I’ll be there, and to meet each other, I’ll be there then as well!

My thoughts at the moment are that anyone who wants to come between 10 and 11 is welcome to find people / each other to chat with, then at 11 we’ll have a “buy and tell” session, where you can go and buy something from a stall (a 20p second hand shoe or a £50 glass necklace etc) and we can talk about it - a great exercise for your Welsh! Then from 12 we can have a SSiW surgery for half an hour, until it comes to time for me to start helping people pack up.

There is a tea, coffee and cakes stall (cakes by our helpers, who really know how to make cakes!), so we’ll be sitting in the public tea and coffee area, where there will be other, innocent Welsh speakers for you to use your Welsh with (I’ll let people know that they may be called upon to speak Welsh with brand new speakers - they’ll love it, and you’ll love it!).

That does mean that I’ll need an idea of how many people are coming, in case we need extra tables (or more Welsh speakers).

Note: there won’t be a “bwtcamp” rule or anything, but buy and tell will be in Welsh (and mime and occasional English words thrown in), which will be great for every level, and coffee / surgery will happen in a mixture of languages. So don’t worry if your Welsh is a bit sparse or shy at the moment - we’ll try and ease out what you have, and you’ll get loads from hearing other people, especially in buy and tell time.

So - who wants to speak Welsh in Llandysul? @Deborah-SSi


So is this going to be every month? I’m hoping to come down to Llandysul sometime but can’t do September but could try and and make it work for October and would tie it in so that it coincided with this, if it was going to happen every month.

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I’m “cloncing” at the Byrgyr in Aber on the day before, but I’m going to try and bring Maureen on the Sunday. She knows more Welsh than she admits. :laughing: We might arrive nearer 11 than 10 since Llandysul is in the deep South.


Yes, @fiona-clough, the table top sale is on the first Sunday of every month, certainly until the end of the year, so we’ll have a meeting at each one. It’ll be great to see you there.

And @HuwJones - it would be a pleasure to see you and Maureen there!

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I won’t be able to do September - clashes with harp/Red Cross affairs again. But I’ll mark it in for October.

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This sounds great. I have just moved to Ammanford so could mange an hour’s journey to Llandysul but not every month!! Also I have loads of unpacking to do and a holiday coming up so probably won’t be until the middle end of Sept/Oct at the earliest.


October is starting to look good … except I will be away :cry:

@glynsig, if Carmarthen doesn’t feel too far away there’s an SSIW group meeting twice a month, one Tuesday and one Friday a month in the Ivy Bush. Next meeting 7pm on Friday 31 August. You would be very welcome.

That sounds great and once I have finally unpacked more boxes and had my holiday in Snowdonia at the end of Setptember, I will come and meet you all at the Ivy Bush but will try before too!!! Diolch. :grinning::+1:


Ooo, I’ll try to come! Is there plenty of parcking at the leisure centre or is there somewhere nearby to park?

What kind of things are being sold (apart from cake)?

If I only could … :slight_smile:

I didn’t hear such awesome idea for a long time! I loved Llandysul when we were there apart from being afraid that I’ll get lost in those nerrow(ish) lovely streets. :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s a reasonable amount of parking there, so you should be fine. Sorry, I don’t know what else they sell, but people can set up their own tables like a carboot sale, so it could be anything I guess.

Thanks! That’s very helpful.

Maureen loves all the antiques programmes on TV and has acquired a keen eye and encyclopaedic knowledge. She will be on the look out for Фаберже, Lalique or Archibald Knox (Cymric, wrth gwrs) :laughing:

I’ll be on the look out for 50s/60s boys toys. :smile:


Nice meeting you all!


Yes it was indeed.


Thanks for posting these, Mackie. I thought @tatjana might appreciate them.
M & I bought some books for us and our grandchildren, some relaxing bath gel and a cafetiere for one. The bottle I’m holding is alcohol-free fizzy Rose wine. I didn’t buy it - I won it in the raffle. Mackie very kindly drew my ticket. Diolch eto, ychan. :smiling_imp:

Most of the purchases were coaxed out of Iestyn by the ap David children. The most spectacular was a pterodactyl lookalike with a warrior on its back as seen in the photos and in Lord of the Rings. :laughing:


I do appreciate them. Thank you for remembering me. It’s nice to see you all together.

Thank you @Macky for posting the pics in deed.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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You are very welcome. :+1:t2:


Great to see a few people - new and veteran - at the first get-together. Diolch for everyone’s participation, and for making the “buy and tell” such a success. I always enjoy hearing a good standard of Welsh from experienced speakers, but it’s even more exciting to hear people take their first hesitant steps. You know who you are!

This will be a regular thing now, with the table top sale happening on the first Sunday of every month. Come on in - it really was “all levels welcome” on Sunday, so we need more people to take their first steps with us!

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