Canaerfon in August

Hopefully this is the right subforum.

I will be in canaerfon with my 9 year old for a day (can be stretched to two) at the end of August. I would like to do things that will give me the chance to speak Welsh but they need to be nice for the non-welsh speaking 9-year old too.


Eg I’d like to go to a book shop and get some simple welsh books. Recommendations?

Then where?

We’ve got an excellent book shop here called ‘Palas Print’, and there’s also ‘Na Nog’ on the Maes (main square).

Almost everywhere up here have some (if not all) Welsh speaking staff, so most shops and attractions should suit. There’s the castle of course, there’s a huge fun centre (good for all ages) in an old church (‘Yr Hwylfan’). Depending on what he’s into and what transport you have, there’s an aviation museum at Caernarfon Airport (not too far out of town), and that’s quite near the beach at Dinas Dinlle.
At Bontnewydd (again, not too far out of town) there’s a lovely place called Gypsy Wood Park and Garden.


I love Caernarfon - the castle, the boats - the charity shop opposite the bus stop where you can pick up some Welsh - language books, the square with coffee- and souvenir shops - something for everybody to enjoy. I am Dutch, live in England, speak many languages, but love the unique sound of the Welsh language which to me has a soft, almost melodious quality to it that is hard to find anywhere else.

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We had a ffab time at Gypsy Wood Park when my own kids were about that age. It was before I spoke Welsh, and I can remember the young lady who was helping us with the boat we were taking round apologising because she didn’t know the English for oar… (i.e. probably a great place to practise your Welsh & have fun with a 9-year-old at the same time)

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Thanks all for the suggestions.