Can you help please?

“Co ni”. was used twice in an interview?

Thank you

'co ni is colloquial southern Welsh for there we are.


Diolch Hendrik, Blyddyn Newydd Dda

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Similar to ‘na ni? One of my tutors used to say that quite a lot.

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I most often here it in the phrase “'co ni off”, meaning sort of “off we go”. (Also a rather fabulous drag queen name.…)


Bant i ni ? off we go is another isnt it

Yes ‘bant a ni’ - ‘off we go’.I think it probably comes ‘cawn ni’ plus off , ‘off we (can/shall) go’. Colloquial south west.

Diolch pawb.

I heard Alex Jones say, in an interview with Elin Flur, ‘co ni’ (and not 'con ni off) and the context of the sentence fits what Hendrik said, ‘there we are’.

Brilliant comment! Connie Off would make an amazing Welsh drag queen name! Lol.

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It already has…

I saw this in Germany recently by a small footbridge and immediately thought of the “Co” expression in Welsh combined with the Three Billy Goats Gruff :slight_smile:



Brilliant! Nice one Sara.