Can you help me?

Hi all,
I am born to an English speaking family but went through Welsh medium education, so I am second language fluent.
I have started a new little business and I want to make sure I provide a bilingual service.
So…I have called my business ‘Cacen i ti’ and there is. Reason for this. When my sister would come to my house and see cake in the kitchen, for some reason, just being silly, she would point to it and say ‘Cacen i fi…Cacen i ti’ and that was her hint to have a piece of cake.
So I decided to use Cacen i ti because it meant something to me.
My question is…does it sound right to you? Just because I have fond memories of its use it doesn’t necessarily mean it is good Welsh to use.
I would to keep it as Cacen i ti (I sell bake at home cake mixes)
Your thoughts would be very much appreciated. Diolch y

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Cacen i ti sounds OK to me - I think it should cover a sentence like Dw i’n anfon cacen i ti, i.e. sending it, or Mae gen i cacen i ti, i.e. I have a cake here for you, so in both senses it sounds about right for your new business. Hope this helps - a phob lwc efo dy fusnes newydd! :slightly_smiling_face:

Diolch yn fawr iawn John am eich cyngor a’ch adborth :smiley:

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Hi Elaine! I can’t answer your question unfortunately but I can vouch for your Bara Brith kit and customer service! Both fab! Diolch! :+1:

Ah wow Diolch Lynne-Ryan :smiley::smiley::smiley: