Cân Werin yr Wythnos

A newish project is Cân Werin yr Wythnos

Intended to be learnt orally so at a steady pace with clear “speech”
. Words then also available and translation too along with background tot he song and a selection of online performances.

Could be an interesting way to get vocab?

Songs so far: https://songs.trac.wales/


Looks like an excellent resource - thanks for sharing! :star: :star2:

This has been a great resource @leiafee Diolch!

I’ve been having singing lessons since April after a bit of motivational talking on bootcamp from @Iestyn @elkiedeadman and @tatjana so I thought I’d give you an update…(Wow, my heart rate is through the roof sharing this):


Great @AnthonyCusack! Your Welsh is excellent but you didn’t just sing on this recording, right? As I have a feeling you weren’t concentrated solely on singing. You’re doing well though. Oh, I hope there would be next time to see/hear you and @Iestyn singing together - two very strong voices. But what makes me happy the most is you’ve gathered that confidence to go into public if even with this recording and only on here. This is the beginning you need! Every time you’d “expose” yourself with singing it will be to wider audience and with more and more confidence.

Da iawn ti! Dal ati nawr! :slight_smile:




That’s failing to embed because it’s marked as private, I think. :confused:

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Dewr iawn! Dal ati… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Da iawn ti! :musical_score: :star:

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Has that changed it?

Diolch :slight_smile: I’m planning to join a choir by the end of the summer I think…

Diolch Aran! :slight_smile: Oedd o’n mor ofnus i’w rhannu.

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I just had to take out some spaces preceding the link. The forum software’s a bit fussy about things like that.


Hmmm … when I’ve listened to the song it was given to me as kind of player on the site (not SoundCloud) and running the player I could listen. However I like SoundCloud much better. At least I can follow you there! :slight_smile: