Can we have a test run of something ready for the Eisteddfod?

What do we think the odds are on having SOME THING we can try out at the 'steddfod - I know it’s approaching short notice.

But I’m thinking of the ideas around “keep a new learner company on their first sortie into a Welsh language event” or the “Scrapbook/pethau bychain of Things I Have Done With My Welsh”


I think that’s got potential - how about trying to collect a list of SSiWers attending, and what day/time they would be willing to give 30 minutes to a new Eisteddfod attendee…?

How would we run the actual ‘put people in touch’ side of things? Any simple tools?

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I’ve seen things for organising fly-ins or gig-going or similar which match my mental model - lets people put up either “I’m going” or “I want to go and want company”

Strugglign a bit to find a generic one. Will keep looking.

Could do manually with Google forms or something this time

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I don’t know my availability for anything yet. i could potentially show someoen around, however I was a virgin myself last year. It may be a bit premature for me, I’m advocate of be shown once, do it once then teach someone else how to do it.

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So I’ve had a bit of a go. My coding and sql skills are long lost so at the moment I’m just collecting who’s going to what in a form and I’ll manaully match. Considers it a human-subsitute for a clever app which might come into being one day…

So I’ve posted wrds to the effect below around the forum…

If you want company for the Chairing or just to sit with for lunch to hear a band or want to know what SSIWers are sharing your campsite and want to chat have a go filling it it! :slight_smile:

Bear in mind it’s very much a WIP just to see if it’s useful.


@Deborah-SSi - emailish? :slight_smile:

Okay so experimental feedback. In the DIY form works no better than a forum thread.

SSIWers appear to have an almost homing instinct - people joined us in Maes D at a guess we were the SSIW mob on more than one occasion.

The thread of “I’m in X tent now” was good - that in app form with GPS could be awesome - perhaps the ap being discussed about finding other speakers will in fact solve that problem all in one go?

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