Can we get a group set up in Northampton?

I have found several members in my area on the map but do not know how to contact them - would like to meet up for some speaking practice.

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You should be able to send them a private message using the name they give on the map.

Thanks - I’ll try that.

Although it depends on whether or not they’ve been on the new site and their names reflect that, so it’s a bit hit-and-miss - it may be that a few mentions in the weekly email will turn out to be the best way to try and drum up some interest :sunny:

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Done :smile:

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I’d be interested in a meetup in Northampton. I’m in kett/welly area.
I’m pretty much a beginner but keen to speak with others

If you don’t manage to get enough people together to hold a Northampton meet up, don’t forget that there is a group In Milton Keynes which meets on the last Thursday of every month:). If you want to know more, you’re welcome to msg or email me. Pob lwc!

Dw’in dod y Stamford!
I may be too far but please keep in touch.
Let me know if you have a time/day in mind

Hwyl fawr,

John Jones

Hi, I have had a few replies so far, there is a group in Milton Keynes and one in Bletchley just south of MK, but I find it hard to get to that venue on time either by train, not many trains stop at Bletchley, or by car through MK where I get lost regularly.
With you being in the kett/welly area, and one contact in Newport Pagnell, we may be able to get together some time - let me know what you think.



Hi, I have attended the Bletchley group a few times, but find it very hard to get there on time on a Thursday morning - not many trains stop at Bletchley, and by car is troublesome as I get invariably lost in MK. Driving back to Northampton after the Milton Keynes meeting in the evening will be ok in the summer months, but not so good this time of the year. Anyway, thank you for pointing this out as an option.

Kind Regards


Hi thank you for your interest in a Northampton Group, I’ll keep you posted.


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Hi, I’d be interested in coming to a Northampton group if it goes ahead.



How are things going with getting a meetup organised? Do you need me to put anything in the weekly email to encourage interest?

Any help will be appreciated. I have not been able to trace any of the Welsh speakers / learners who were on the old forum members’ map which showed six or seven in the Northampton area.
I have also asked around amongst friends but no-one seems to know any Welsh speakers in the area. However I will keep trying - dal ati

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Did you manage to start a Nofthampton SSIW meeg up?

No - so far I have not been able to find any Welsh speakers in Northampton, I am however still trying through clubs and associations, have not given up yet !

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I’m interested in this. I’m between Kett and Welly and very very rusty - mainly because I don;t have anyone to talk to! I’ll keep my eye on this thread so let’s hope :smile:
love Fay

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I would love the opportunity to speak Cymraeg in Northampton as I have been learning Cymraeg for a while. I will keep an eye on this forum.

Hwyl am yr tro nesaf


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Hi. Just found this thread. I’m in Far Cotton area. Would anyone like to meet up on Sunday (31st)? I would suggest somewhere but I’m new here and haven’t a clue where anything is yet.

We could meet initially at Dunelm Nene Valley Retail Park St.James Mill Road East Northampton NN1 1ET on Sunday afternoon 31st at 2.30 p.m. upstairs in the cafe (they close at 4.30) - anyone else interested could also come to this. There is a large free car park so parking is not a problem.