Can someone read a sentence for me please

Northern dialect

If I wanted to say to a friend: I’ve got that book if you want to read it

Is this correct :
Mae gen i llyfr na os ti isio e darllen
or is it
Mae gen i llyfr na os wyt ti isio e darllen

Both forms are perfectly understandable Welsh, so from a standpoint of getting your point across, they are correct. If you want to be grammatically correct, there are a few minor details that could be improved. Here’s my shot:
Mae gen i’r llyfr’na os (wyt) ti isio ei ddarllen (o).

The wyt and the echoing o are both optional and can be used or omitted, whatever feels most natural to you. I’d probably drop both.
(Although in truth I personally would use a southern version, but that’s neither here nor there :wink: )


Thank you Hendrik