Can someone break down this 'daeth' sentence

Bit confused by this one.

Daeth o hyd i’r llyfr (he found the book)

Couple of questions. 1, Daeth is to come in the past tense so how is it working in this context? 2, What does the o hyd bit mean?

One way of saying ‘to find’ in Welsh is dod o hyd i, so past tense uses the preterite of dod daeth but the rest of the phrase stays the same.
It may help to think of dod o hyd i as ‘to come across’ - He came across the book = he found the book.


Thanks. That makes it clearer. So if it was I found the book would it be

Des o hyd i’r llyfr ?

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Yes, Des i o hyd i’r llyfr.
he found (Northern) = daeth o o hyd i’r llyfr, but the two O’s generally blend together in speech. In the South, daeth e o hyd i’r llyfr doesn’t have that problem!

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A quick side note … Dod o hyd i - to find (to stumble upon)
Cael o hyd i - to find (usually more intentional)

This was the nuance I was told in school lessons by a teacher but Im happy for others to correct