Can I repeat Level 2?

This may be in the wrong place, it’s really just for Cathrin, but other people may have come adrift along the way and be wondering about repeating or struggling.

I had a disastrous Lockdown, Welsh wise. My husband and I were isolating because vulnerable, but as we’re a 3 generation family I suddenly found myself doing home schooling of my grand daughters (6 -8) provIcing hospital transport for my husband 3 times a week and training 2 poodle puppies who had arrived the day before lockdown. Then I had a car crash and broke my neck and my ankle and various bones inbetween. I am still wearing a neck brace and a boot but I hope to get rid of both next week!
So today I had the energy and courage to come back to the forum and what an inspiration it has been. The film was fascinating and I have been really moved by the enthusiasm and generosity of everyone, I MUST get back to Welsh. It is never too late. I have just reread the HITL book. A complete break need not be a disaster. And at the moment listening is something I have all the time in the world to do. So please can I begin again. I have all the lessons but it won’t be the same trying to work through them on my own, I don’t/can’t spend money at the moment. Please may I have another and much more productive bite at the cherry


I can’t help you with the course, but I really wish you all the best and to recover soon. You had a very hard time and you really deserve a success. Coming back to the course and to the forum will give you a pat on the back.
Pob lwc.


Yes, of course, you absolutely can - just drop a line and they’ll help get you set up with the access - say that you spoke to Aran and that I asked you to contact them to set it up… :slight_smile:

But also - you might find it interesting to repeat on your own time as well starting at Challenge 25 of Level 2 and working backwards - you’ll find that a lot of it comes back much more quickly than you would expect… :slight_smile:

That sounds very back to front Aran, but I’ve trusted you so far so I’ll give it a try. If i’m not an active member can I still join the Forum occasionally to report progress? The bit in your book about how the language can come back after a long gap was really encouraging. OK back to work.

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The forum is here for anyone, anytime - help and support whenever you need it, regardless of how often you visit!

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It’s really because of what it says in the HILT booklet - you don’t actually lose the material when you have a break, it just bobs under the level of your conscious control - so revisiting challenge 25 and 24 will reactivate 80%+ of what you learnt previously, which will give you a much earlier sense of success… :slight_smile:

And yes, absolutely, the forum is open to everyone and we’re always glad to see you here :slight_smile:

Im struggling too ( NHS frontliner), i want to stop for a while and go back over lessons, ive managed a few but my subscription means i now have so many lessons stored and i feel a bit overwhelmed about catching up with them all :flushed:

If you email, you can ask for a pause while you catch up in your own time - there’s no deadline to do them all, just take it steady a bit at a time and you will catch up. And remember, this forum is always here for you for help and support :slight_smile:

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I took your advice, Aran, and tried starting at the very end - level 2, 25. That was hopeless. There were too many tags I’d missed which threw me. So I tried again at 19 and it worked!! I made lots of mistakes but I found that the things I could say were at a normal speed. What I remembered - much more than I would have believed - came out quite pat. I feel really encouraged to carry on. Thank you.


Excellent, well done - it sounds as though you probably did fine with 25, but were just a bit too hard on yourself about the minor details - but great idea to try 19 instead, and that’s a terrific step forwards :star2:

Don’t think about it in terms of catching up - think about it as having lots of spare material which you can whenever works for you, without any need to go at a particular speed… :slight_smile: