Can I get a recording of my wedding weddings vows to listen and practice?

Good morning you lovely lot

I’m getting married in August and would like to recite my vows, read to me in English by the registrar, back to my fiance in Welsh

We’ve written them up so my plan could be to have them recorded by a fluent speaker and then play them back to myself on my endless driving around the country to practice.

Would anyone volunteer to help??

Thanks in advance.


I’m sure someone can help you with this. Can I just check that you run this by the registrar first? I’ve no idea what the rules about language are, but I’m sure there are some! As you don’t say where you are getting married I’d hate to see you getting into hot water.

Pob Lwc, beth bynnag. Good luck,

I’ll do it for you Paul!

Just PM them to me. :blush:

This is fine. We did something very similar.

Still worth checking with registrar as Margaret suggests. “Better safe than sorry” :smile:

Good idea on checking first… I’m talking them this week anyway so will add that to the list.

They can speak it to me in English, it’s only my reply that will be in Welsh

Erm, how? Lol

If you click/tap on Catrin’s user icon/avatar in her reply to you, it takes you to her user profile page (same for anyone else, too): at the end of the user profile box is a button which says ‘Message’.

No such option :frowning: I wonder if it’s because I am a newbie here?

Just to see if it works, I’ve sent a direct/private message to you and included Catrin - if you look at your icon in the top right of the screen, there should be a little green notification. With luck, you should be able to reply to it and Catrin will see your answer.

Came through OK for me! Looks like we’re good to go! :blush:


Thanks both, very generous of you to offer to help…