Can anybody help me with the App please?

Hi, I have downloaded the App onto both my iPad & iPhone iOS 8 but get a failure error message when I try to log in. The error message tells me to check my details which appear to be correct as I can login to the online versions on both devices and to check the internet connection which is also fine. All suggestions gratefully received. Pippa

Try this for starters:

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Hi, I’m in! Not sure what worked, crossing my fingers or deleting my cookies :wink:
Thanks for your help


bysedd wedi croesi most likely!


Hello! I’m currently working through level 2 in the app, the lesson notes seem to be attached to the first six lessons and not the rest, is this suppose to be the case?
Thank you!

Hi Charlotte - are you doing the northern or the southern course? :slight_smile:


Did I miss something? I was never aware app provides that! :slight_smile:

Shwmae Charlotte.
I think with the app, the level 2 lessons are still awaiting updates with the inclusion of lesson notes - particularly in the southern course. As all the lessons are now available (as are the notes) these will be added to the lessons once someone is free to do them. If you need to view the notes, you can go to the thread via the link below.
Gav :slight_smile:

Course notes for Southern Level 2

Fabulous, thank you all! I’m doing the Southern course (and really enjoying it)

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The Southern! :slight_smile:

Yes - to the extent that someone (me) has to push the buttons to load the notes. They’ll start showing up soon :wink:


Marvellous! Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hello :slight_smile: I’m also working through the Southern Level 2 course. Was pleased to see vocab notes were added recently, but they still appear to be missing for challenges 16-19, although there are notes for challenges 20-25. Is this a bug, or will these be coming at some point in the future?

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Yup - those are the three that I haven’t gotten to yet :slight_smile:

I expect that I’ll have a chance to get 'em out very soon.


Fantastic, diolch! :slight_smile:

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And they’re up now…