Camping Sites in Welsh speaking communities


We are planning some trips in our campervan soon and wondered if anyone can recommend smal camping sites in wnalking distance of welsh speaking communities where we can practice our Welsh?

Ideally we would like to be near a pub where we can relax of an evening and perhaps chat in welsh



I’ve wondered the same too. I’ve seen B&B’s state if they are Welsh speakers but not sure if campsites do the same cos that would be handy to know as then you at least know that you could speak Welsh to the site owners. I’m guessing to speak Welsh in the community you keep away from the tourist spots. Have you ever been to Nant Gwtheryn?


No we haven’t made it to the Nant yet but we almost did last year.

I was looking at a Caravan Club CL site near Cricieth earlier that might be a good one to try but as we are in Torfaen that requires more time to make the trip.

Perhaps we could generate a list of good sites.


there’s this thread, with 1 campsite!
still, Bala’s nice this time of year

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Dwyros Aberdaron comes highly recommended by the Jones family. Run by a local Welsh family sitting just above the village of Aberdaron and within walking distance. It has spectacular views and good, cleam amenities.


That sounds nice, we were in Aberdaron the year before last and it was lovely

Thanks for the tip

We drove up to Betws y Coed in our campervan for a few days and we visited Llanwrwst where we had some success trying to use our Welsh but when we dropped down to Aberaeron for a couple of nights we struck gold with the staff and fellow camppers on the campsite speaking Welsh as theiir first language ,and when said we are learners to our neighbouring campers they were Great going out of their way to chat.

We have spoken with more people here in Aberaeron in Welsh than anywhere before and what a great place it is to come and enjoy the language.

We will be back!

J & S