I’m very keen to come to bwtcamp asap. I have just started Level 2 but I have been learning Welsh by the book method for over 6 years now. I just don’t get enough opportunities to use it where I live in mid-Wales (near the border!) Would it be possible to come to bwtcamp but stay in my campervan, please? I’m a very light sleeper so I’m not sure the dormitory will work for me. Thanks.

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I am not sure where you could park your campervan near the centre – @Deborah-SSi or @Iestyn might have more information on that. Another alternative would be to book one of the apartments next to the canolfan (at an extra charge, though).

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Hi Whereabouts in mid Wales are you @tina?

Sh’mae @tina
There is a roomy car park (with an honesty box) about 100m up the road from the canolfan (my red crosses mark it and the canolfan).
It may be wise to make local enquiries about whether you’d be permitted to “overnight” there, though.

I’ll send you the Tresaith Shop phone number by Private Message. They may be able to advise you about whom you need to contact or even where you can park your campervan. They also run the canolfan and the neighbouring flats.


Thank you, @HuwJones. Still learning about how this forum works!

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LD5 area, @theresacorbett

@theresacorbett…I think I have met you in the Thomas Shop and I know about Arfon Ales, too…It would be good to have more Welsh on the street but that’s not going to happen around here, I think!

You’re welcome. Just in case you haven’t been able to access my private message yet (and it appears you haven’t :-), this is how it works using a browser. First click on your avatar (the green T). Near your name you should see an “envelope” icon. Click on this to reveal your messages including (I hope) mine. You can reply by private message if you like by clicking on the reply button. Pob lwc :slight_smile:

Others may be able to advise on how do do it with an app.

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I wondered if we had met. Siop Thomas is this Saturday if your wanting to come. Little by little maybe we can change that…

Thanks, @theresacorbett…I wondered when it was on again. So it’s the first Saturday of the month…I need to write that down somewhere :slight_smile:

I like the idea of staying in my camper too.

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