Calling Residents of Cardiff!

Prof. José María Santos Rovira is a professor of linguistics with Lisbon University, Portugal. He is conducting research into the attitudes of Cardiff residents towards English and Welsh. He’s really keen to get as many responses to his survey as possible, so if you live in Cardiff and you’d be able to give a few minutes of your time, he’d be very appreciative.

The link to the survey is:

and it’s open for responses until the end of March, so please pass it to anyone you now in Cardiff, whether they can speak Welsh or not. He is interested in responses from a range of people if possible.



Thanks, Deborah - I have submitted a response. Do you have contact with Prof. Rovira? If you do, I would like to feed back that the form didn’t allow a non-binary response. I was asked whether I do such-and-such an activity mostly through the medium of Welsh, English or other, which I took to mean “other language”. Quite a lot of these activities are more or less 50:50 for me, but there wasn’t a way to record that and no way to note it in a free text space, unfortunately. So on the face of it I think I gave the impression that I hardly ever use my Welsh!

Diolch Sara. I’ll pass that feedback on.

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@sara-peacock-1 this was the response from the professor:

As for the feedback you mention, the person who gave it is absolutely right, and it was something I realized thanks to him. However, at this time it is no longer possible to make any alterations to the questionnaire, due to the demands imposed on this type of study, since if any of the questions were altered now, the answers received so far would be invalidated. Therefore, I think it is better to move on and simply understand that this question can be understood as oriented not only towards the “only” language used in that context, but also as the “main” or “majority” language in said context. All in all, I greatly appreciate this feedback, which will help me take it into account for the next questionnaire.

Diolch Deborah! The professor is quite right, of course, and I’m glad for the opportunity to contribute to the research :slight_smile:

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Hi Deborah and @CatrinLliarJones. Is the survey still live please? I was just wondering if it was worth me passing it on the the Cardiff conversational and Whatsapp group.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it is. We only received the email about it this week. That would be great!

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The survey is open until the end of March, so lots of time to pass it to any other Cardiff residents that you know.

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