Calling learners in the USA

I hope you’ve heard the news now that there will be Welsh-language content available every Wednesday on Ryan Reynolds’ channel Maximum Effort (see S4C in USA thanks to Ryan Reynolds!). How exciting is that?!

For those of you who don’t know, I work for S4C, and I would love to be able to feed back to the organisation what it is that our learners in the USA want to watch. I can’t promise anything specific (as it will depend on factors such as how awkward it is to get international rights, and making sure that we’ve got a balance of content across the time available to us), but there’s no harm in asking, right?

I think the message has already got through that people want to watch Y Gwyll (Hinterland) and Un Bore Mercher (Keeping Faith), so no need to shout those out. But is there anything else you’ve heard about in the past and would love to see? Or any particular type of programme (e.g. specific subject-matter) you would like?

Use this thread to let me know, and I’ll pass the message on :slight_smile:


I would love to see more of that chef Chris Roberts. I think people would enjoy seeing some Caernarfon style barbecue.

Also music videos, the stuff on Lwp.

Unrelated to Maximum Effort, but I’d love to see Noson Lawen or am dro! on PBS, don’t know if that is a thing that could happen, but it’d be cool.

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Good call, Joshua! Chris in New York would be a great one to suggest, wouldn’t it!

There was some mention that perhaps we should suggest that every Welsh Wednesday ends with a Welsh music video (& begins as well, perhaps?)

I would love to see lifestyle.programming, about living in Wales, incomers learnung welsh, and perhaps welsh around the world? Diolch
John in NJ

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Ooh, yes - like that! We’ve got a great series called Symud i Gymru about people wanting to move into Welsh-speaking communities. Bet there’s something in the archive about Welsh around the world - I can ask the librarian for suggestions :slight_smile:

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I’ve learned so much about Wales from watching “Cynefin”. The presenters are great, especially Tudur Owen and his videos explaining the history of Welsh place names. Would this program be a possibility?
Diolch yn fawr!


Ooh, yes - lovely idea! And the Tudur series is also available in English so linking those up with the socials/comms around the new channel would be great too :slight_smile:

Well I love this.

But what about a Childrens program of some kind? First of all I feel like my Cymraeg is about that of a preschooler and I think I’d learn a lot.

But also, thanks to these lessons my son has started to learn Cymraeg and it would be fun to have something to watch with him.

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Your wish is my command! :wink:

There are already a number of children’s programmes available internationally, which you should be able to watch via the Clic Player, and there is a list of what’s available (with links through to the programmes) here: International | S4C

My cousin in New York has been playing Cyw programmes to her daughter since she was born, I think!

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I’ve just realised that you can watch a few programmes already that fit this description via our Clic Player - the International page of the S4C website (International | S4C) lists all the ones that have been cleared for worldwide rights.

Chris’ two series are there (Bwyd Epic Chris, and Chris a’r Afal Mawr), as well as the wonderful Cynefin. It’s well worth an investigate - but give a shout if you’d like a few recommendations.

Iaith Ar Daith, wrth cwrs. And a fun childrens’ show like Mabinogi Ogi.


I have found an old series on YouTube called Rala Rwdins based on a children’s book about a witch (which I have).

The series is from the 90s, I think?

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Thank you so much!

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I want to give a huge diolch to @sara-peacock-1 for informing of this amazing learning experience. I have not missed one Welsh Wednesday on Maximum Effort and can say having the six hours of Cymraeg content has been invaluable. I’m picking up so much already! Each week I’m understanding more and more.

I’m eager to watch anything S4C is willing to share. Please keep up sharing programing.

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O, diolch o galon Diedre! It’s so lovely of you to come and share this - thank you.

If you didn’t already know this (and perhaps you did), there are other S4C programmes that you can watch internationally - we make sure that anything where there aren’t any issues with international rights are available. You can find out more about this on our website: International | S4C

And the list of current programmes with worldwide clearance is here: Clic

It’s a bit of a dumping-ground with all the genres mixed in together. If you want some guidance, let me know the sort of things you like to watch and I’ll make some suggestions…

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I would love to see more sports content, especially around the JD Cymru Prem or Cymru South (Carmarthen AFC matches would be most welcome).

Watching the success of Wrexham’s US tour this summer has me convinced sport could be a big ambassador for Cymru here in the US.