Calling all our singers!

I know we have some great singers in the SSiW community (I’ve heard the eisteddfod entries over the years, so don’t deny it!) and of course we have the Sesiwn Canu group in WSP on Slack, so I wonder if I can persuade some of you to help out Cwmni Da at this difficult time?

Obviously many of our productions are on hold as we cannot go out and film stuff that needs lots of people in close contact, so we’ve come up with a version of our “Corau Rhys Meirion” series that we hopefully can do!
The idea is outlined here

The production team is very keen to include learners in this, especially learners overseas, so I said I might know where to find some! :wink:

My colleague tells me that there will hopefully be a ‘submit’ website available later in the afternoon which I will post when it’s available. To be honest, as I’m not actually on the team that’s producing this, I can’t give much more detail, but if anyone is really keen to take part and has any questions, I will try to get answers from one of the team for you.

Go for it!


@CatrinLliarJones hyn yn sicr ar gyfer yr ebost :slight_smile: :heart:


Hmm, it actually doens’t say much about how this will look like. Will it be like Whittakres virtual choir? Not that I can actually sing but I’m still curious what it takes to be the part of this. And there’s this sentence

an opportunity for everyone to contribute from all over Wales.

at the end of the article …

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As I said, I don’t know much about the project - it’s a newly commissioned something-we-can-still-do-during-this-difficult-time commission. S4C have loads of schedule gaps now, so are trying to fill them!

The sentence is probably because they had their blinkers on - they’re not as used to worldwide-welsh as we are here! :wink: but I don’t see how it wouldn’t work with people outside wales, if it’s a matter of recording a song or a bit of a song via video. I’m waiting to hear more from the team - no link appeared yesterday, so hopefully I’ll be able to get more info next week.

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Here’s the link if anyone’s interested. According to my colleague, although this is centered around the Côr-ona group on facebook, you don’t have to be part of that. I think they want “Calon Lân” but will check.

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One for you @andreawild ? :smile:

Did anyone go for this? Thank you so much if you did! Here’s the result -


PS - the whole programme is on S4C tomorrow (Friday 1st May) at 8pm :slight_smile: