Calling all in the Machynlleth area ... And those willing to travel!

I see that the August Machynlleth meet up will not be happening due to the eisteddfod. Hopefully, I will see some of your there. However, if I don’t catch you at the eisteddfod … a group of SSiWers from last year’s July Bootcamp are having a Welsh language holiday during the week after the eisteddfod.

We will be staying in Dolgellau and would love to have morning or afternoon tea in Siop Alys. I gather Siop Alys is only open during the day? Our free days are Tuesday or Thursday. So if you live in the Machynlleth/Dolgellau area and are free during the week after the eisteddfod 8-15th of August, let me know and we can organise a catch up.

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What a good idea! I hope you get a few takers.


I’m free on both those days. On a Thursday morning there is usually a Canolradd/Uwch chat in Siop Alys, which I go to, with a local tutor. That’s one option, but that isn’t run according to SSiW rules - no correcting each other, celebrating mistakes, etc. Or, we could meet up Tuesday morning, or do both…

Or, book afternoon tea in Siop Alys (yum) for the group - my mouth’s watering already!

Then, we could go into the Owain Glyndwr Parliament House building next door. I’m sure it could be arranged that someone could do a talk for us yn Cymraeg.

Siop Alys also opens on a Friday evening for cocktails and platters - tapas, cheese, etc. That also needs booking and could be another option!

There are other things that happen in Mach too, such as something called Cym Cym on a Tuesday evening in the Bowling Club, playing games and a bit of singing at the end - all levels of Welsh, but not entirely in Welsh.

And, I am happy to join in with things in Dolgellau and surrounds too - especially if it involves going for cake in T H Roberts or going to Dylanwad wines! If I get invited, of course! :smile:


Hi Helen,

Sorry for the slow reply. We have been busy sending emails back and forth. We’d love to catch up for afternoon tea on Tuesday and see the Owain Glyndwr Museum. Also, if your canolradd/uwch group don’t mind, we could join them on Thursday morning.

Most of our plans are a still little unformed. But we’ll happily keep you in the loop as they firm up. Maybe meet at TH Roberts one afternoon? Or have a drink one evening? Or if you know any nice walks? We are hoping to go to CAT on Friday, I think.

Do we need to book afternoon tea at Siop Alys? The museum?

Upcoming events around Machynlleth:

Although the number of Welsh classes in and around Machynlleth and the Dyfi valley seem to have reduced considerably in the last couple of years, there are a number of things going on in the area, organised by Clwb C, Mentor Maldwyn and others:

Tomorrow (23rd September) there is a short walk around Corris:
There will be an opportunity to chat in Welsh on our Welsh Walk with Jacky Cross this Wednesday in Corris area. It will also be an opportunity to meet Sioned Fflur who is currently working for Menter Maldwyn in Bro Ddyfi.
When? meet at 5 o’clock on the 23rd September

Clwb C meets every Wednesday morning in the Tabernacle Cafe (MOMA) for coffee and chat, 10.00 onwards.

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The walk today has just been cancelled because of the heavy rain. :frowning:

Three of us didn’t get the cancellation message. We had a lovely walk in the rain. :smile:


Oh, that’s a shame - not that you had a lovely walk, but that it was still raining.

Another event this afternoon:
Manon Steffan Ros is doing a talk in Siop Alys this afternoon (24th Sept) at 4.30pm. I don’t know about whether there is a cost.

Tuesday evening (29th Sept): “Cym, Cym” in the Bowling Club (behind the Co-op in Machynlleth) organised by the tutor Rhian Bebb. All levels welcome. 7.30 - 8.30, games, Welsh chat, Welsh Surgery - ask about your Welsh problems! 8.30-9.30 Singing - learning a Welsh song each week. What happens in each session depends on who attends and what they want to do. Cost is £1 per session (i.e. £2 for the whole evening of fun and singing, but you don’t have to come to both sessions!).

Cym cym happens every 2nd and 4th Tuesday evening in the month.

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