Caerphilly meet up

Hello, Sut mae?

There is a menter Caerffili meet up next saturday (25th) in the Old Library, by Morgan Jones Park. Is there anyone close by who fancies going? I do, but I’m also nervous to go and not know anyone :zipper_mouth_face::crazy_face:

Menter Caerffili Ionawr

I hope you get a reply, Jessica, but even if you don’t, I’m sure your nerves would quickly disappear if you do venture out on your own. My own experience of meets (?) up in diferent parts of Wales is that everyone is welcoming and most people are in the same boat. :smile:

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diolch Huw! I think I have managed to convince a friend to come with me. She spoke welsh at her school but not a lot since(and school was a long time ago).


This is coming up in Caerffili too:

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Wedi rhoi ‘bookmark’ ar hwn i atgoffa fi i’w roi yn yr ebost - diolch Deborah! :slight_smile:

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