Caergrawnt Meetups?

Anything going on here? Would be interested but am total beginner!

I would be interested! We’re in South Cambs. I got most of the way thru level 3 of SSIW, then defected to the London Welsh Centre, which is between work & Kings X, & do lessons on a Mon. However, they’re not very good - SSIW is much better - so I’m looking to try something else as well, so a meetup would be fab. Once a month would suit me as I’m also doing a doctorate (not in Welsh!)

Hi there Tracey,

We are in Ware, Herts., which is not so far away from you. (I live in Bishop’s Stortford - even nearer.) We have a group in the Ware U3A, which meets on Tuesday afternoons. We are mixed ability - there are 2 mother-tongue speakers (one from Denbigh in the north, and one from Carmarthenshire in the south) and someone whose mother tongue is English but went to Welsh speaking school in Snowdonia until the age of 11. The other 3 of us are learners of varying ability. After our study period (video-based), we go to a pub and have a rule that we can only speak Welsh for the first 15 mins. The study group is full due to space limitations, but you could certainly attend the pub meeting, if you can make it in the daytime. BTW, I also went to the London Welsh Centre for a year - the tuition was quite good and there was the Cylch Siarad Cymraeg right after the lesson, but that depended on who attended, as often only English was spoken. Being retired, and for other reasons, it became a bit difficult to attend. I can recommend the 1-week residential courses at the Uni of Wales, Lampeter - I’ve done 2 of them. I know someone who went to Nant Gwrtheyrn and recommends it. I don’t often look at this site and do not know if your reply would be automatically mailed to me, so you can mail me on


Mae fy mab yn byw yn Waterbeach ger Caergrawnt ac mae e’n dysgu Cymraeg (Sylfaen 1)
My son lives in Waterbeach near Cambridge and he’s learning Welsh (Sylfaen 1)

Gofynnaf iddo fe am gysylltu a^ ti maes o law / I’ll ask him to contact you presently

Pob lwc,

Nigel Thomas


There is a meetup in Cambridge but it’s rather sporadic. There’s a facebook group ( Cymry Caergrawnt which meetups and organised on. I’m very much a beginner Welsh speaker but there’s quite a variety including a few first language Welsh speakers.

Best wishes


Hi all, was alerted to this via the weekly email. I’m working in Cambridge until the end of March & living in the city midweek so would be up for a meet-up if people are interested. I’m at level 3 SSiW and live in Snowdonia.

Hi - I’m just outside Cambridge, but work in London so not available during the day. Would be interested to try to get the hang of Welsh - still struggling at level 1. Terrible memory, nowhere to practice, but enthusiastic :slight_smile:

Shwmae Steve, dw i’n dysgu Cymraeg. Dw i’n byw near Royston. Ihave just started Lesson 3.
Hwyl, Lynda.

hi, I work in Cambridge and live in Kings Lynn. I would be willing to host a Cambridge Group ( I already do Norfolk Clwb Siarad) meeting one evening a month is good. PVT me if you are interested and maybe get it off the ground. I know a few Cymry cymraeg here at the hospital .

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hi anyone interested in getting a Clwb Siarad started up soon? We could meet in town one night a month. Please PVT me if you are interested,

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Cambridge Clwb Siarad.

strong text
. starting up … Meet on Thursday 16th July 2015 …7.30 pm at the Earl of Derby public house , Hills Road, Cambridge ( 5 mins from Railway station). Learners /speakers at all levels welcome.

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Ai llwyddiant oedd hyn? Fyddwch chi’n cynnal rhagor?
Was this successful? Will you be holding more of them?

Dwi di cael llond bol ar gael plant unieithog ond os dwi am siarad Cymraeg efo nhw fe fydd arna i angen siarad ag oedolion eraill fyd! Byw yng Nghaergrawnt.
Fed up with having monoglot kids but if I want to speak Welsh with them I’m going to have to talk to other adults as well! Living in Cambridge.


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Hylo Helen
dw i newydd wedi gweld eich Post chi. Sori am yr oediad Mi fyddwn ni’n cwrdd nos Fawrth nesaf. Am 7.30 yh yn Dafarn The Alma, Russell Place, Cambridge CB2. Dim yn rhy bell o’r Orsaf a’r ardd fotanegol. Croeso mawr i chdi ddod ymlaen i gwrdd â ni. Mi fydd hi’r drydedd tro i ni gwrdd. Mae 'na wyth ohonom ar y llyfrau ar hyn o bryd. ( 5 Cymry a 3 ddysgwyr). Dw i’n trefnu cwrdd unwaith y mis. Mae gan rai o 'r Cymry plant sydd yn siarad Cymraeg hefyd dwi’n credu.

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