Caerdydd, Cwrs Pasg, Yoga: Next week 11-13 April -- Tips Please! Meet up?

Hi all, lurker ydw i, I know, but I do love learning Welsh still (in fact, just published an update and I’ll try and film this in Welsh if I can).

I’m going to be attending the Easter Course at Pontypridd (University of South Wales) next week, wondered if any of you will be there?

And if you want to hang out let’s meet up! One question: Do any of you know of yoga or other exercise classes held in Welsh in Cardiff on a Wednesday or Thursday evening?

Or a restaurant that’s predominantly in Welsh? Or a Welsh speaking Airbnb?

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Cardiff people? @ali @AnthonyCusack Others?

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Hello Kerstin and welcome to South Wlaes. I’m afraid that I am going away tomorrow morning until the weekend so won’t be around for a meet-up with you. Are you in Cardiff tonight? We are having our monthly meet-up in what used to be called the Mochyn Du from 7-8.30. It is now under new ownership, refurbished and renamed Bragdy a Chegin and is near the National Sports Centre in Sofia Gardens.

I’ve looked at Menter Caerdydd’s website and it looks as if their Pilates classes run in blocks of 10 weeks in school terms and at present are on holiday until next week! I’m afraid I have no idea about Welsh-speaking AirBandBs in Cardiff, although I am sure that @Karla has stayed in one close to Sofia Gardens, so maybe she can help.

Hope you find something to suit you, and enjoy your Yoga course!

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Haia Kerstin,

I have stayed at an airbnb in Pontcanna, and the lady who runs it does speak Welsh. I can pm the details to you if you’d like - I’m not sure what her availability is like these days, but it’s always worth asking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Karla and @ali, thanks so much to both of you for replying! Left it quite late to get booking, so I doubt my Airbnb will speak Welsh in the end. Tro nesa!

I also messaged Gavin (forum name? forgot it!) and we’ll meet up briefly in Yr Hen Llyfrgell tomorrow. Shame about the no Welsh yoga!

While planning this trip I got inspired and decided to put in some time for recording audio clips with different Welsh speakers for a themed episode of the Fluent Show (my podcast). I am going to meet up with people from Cymdeithas and the Eisteddfod to learn more about Welsh and see if the course tutor will allow me to record some of the Welsh course as well. That’s exciting stuff, it does mean I’m using up all my available time this time. Felly…I’m looking forward to my next visit and to sharing the episode if it turns out well.

IF there are any SSiW makers/forum runners in Cardiff and available on Thursday night, or in Pontypridd on Thursday or Friday, please give me a shout because I’d love to get that story on there too!

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Helo Kerstin, I am fairly sure that there is welsh yoga in whitchurch in the middle of the week. I will adk this afternoon

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