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Could you let me know which Sunday and venue. Message fir Mark Watkinprice

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Hylo Pawb and Jenny Thomas

We had a really interesting meetup last Saturday. We had a visitor from Northern India, the Khasia region. It transpires that Welsh Calvinist missionaries went there in the 1850’s to preach. they gave the area an alphabet (Welsh) so the local people could learn to read, they gave them education as well as medicine. the Welsh are regarded with a huge amount of warmth there. Our speaker’s name is Wan and he is making a film documentary about the Khasia men who went to France during WW1 to support the British war effort. He came to speak to us about all this and show us parts of the new film - all extrmely interesting and exciting as this seems to have been a part of Welsh history that has been lost.A 1995 BBC documentary on the subject is at

Meanwhile, our next meetup will be on Saturday 7th January in Brighton (Please PM me for the venue). We will meet at 11:00 in a pub, have 2 hours of hwyl then lunch. It’s sort of a late Christmas and to celebrate the fact we have three birthdays in the month. Anyone who wants to come will be welcome. Lunch can be ordered there at the time , no need to prebook.

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