Cacen Comes To Caerdydd - Part Three

Hylo Pawb

Sorry it may be a bit short notice.

Cacen is coming to Caerdydd again this weekend. We’re planning a visit to Castell Caerffili on Saturday 12 October. The booked tour starts at 11:00 am. If you’d like to join us please let me know and we’ll sort it at the gate.

Saturday evening we’re meeting up at a pub called the Three Arches for a meal and Noson Lawen.

Again, if you’d like to come, please PM me and we can factor you into the calculations.

Next month will be the Cacen Eisteddfod - a non-competitive celebration of Welshness. Not in competiton with but inspired by the SSIW Eisteddfod - don’t forget your entries to that special event!

Our date will be Saturday 9 November in Seaford. PM me for location :grinning:

Hwyl am y tro