Bywyd byw yn y Gymraeg

I have a beer mat with the words “Dechreuwch bob sgwrs yn Gymraeg” and it made me think about living our lives in Welsh, I have a cheque book with both English and Welsh and I wondered which banks provide these. My current one is from HSBC and I have had one from Lloyds and the Co-op in the past. I always write the figure i n Welsh and must make sure that I write the date in Welsh too. Do other banks provide these?

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Hello Hewan, We can still get cheque books? Really? Not seen one for yonks.
I used to be really proud of my old bilingual driving licence then they took it off me for this plastic thing. Yuk. Hold tight to that cheque book.


Yes but I don’t use it very often. My plastic driving licence is in English and Welsh.

Mine new licence is Bilingual too but my old green papee one was better. :+1:

On my website there is a big old list of companies that provide a Welsh language phone service if you want to skip the queue and try out your Welsh with them (plus a video guide on how to speak on the phone).