Deleted…prob best

Is there any hope of keeping you? I do not want a Forum on which you feel unwelcome!
I mean, if you feel you must go, so must I,
@hewrop do you? @tatjana? @Deborah-SSi? @ramblingjohn? @philipnewton? @AnthonyCusack?

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I do not want a Forum on which you feel unwelcome!
@hewrop do you?

Absolutely not, and I have communicated this to @Pete2 via PM. I have also taken care to acknowledge the essential role that @aran plays in keeping this a friendly and supportive environment. I have confessed to Pete and now confess publicly that he has had to bring me into line more than once (with complete justification, BTW).

I have no idea of what has been said (nor, I guess, has anyone but Pete and Aran) so I can only express my sincere hope that enough respect and understanding is restored to allow Pete to feel welcome and at home again in the forum.

Sorry, this is so wishy-washy - I hope my positive intention shines through.


I’ve only just become aware of this as I have visitors so I wasn’t on the forum yesterday, but I do hope this situation is not irreversible. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you at the Parti Penblwydd, Pete, where we would all be able to relax and share a good time together.

Misunderstandings and saying things that were not intended and ‘come out wrong’ can easily happen in even the closest of families, and I do think of SSiW as a big, worldwide family. But like all families, we can put those things behind us, focus on the positive and the special things that bind us together, and move on. It would be good if we can manage that here, and @Pete2 can join us again.


Very well said!! @aran did you mention diplomat in the Seren yr Wythnos post?

It’s so easy to cross wires. Context and body language are so important to communication that we lose so much in text.


I am leaving for Pete’s 7 day ban. I will come back if he feels able to.

I asked henddraig via private message to apologise for one of her less polite comments, to show that this community does not accept impolite comments - she chose not to, so she is also on a week’s ban to make it clear that this forum does not and will not accept impolite comments.

He’s not unwelcome (and neither are you), you’re just on a one-week temporary ban to ensure that the community friendliness, politeness, welcomingness, and other goodthingnesses are held to the high standards they should be. You’re both very welcome back at the end of that week.