Byddai'n well 'da fi siarad Cymraeg / I'd rather speak Welsh

Dear SSiW,
I was looking at the very useful phrase 'byddai’n well ‘da fi’ (I’d rather) in the vocab for Challenge 21, Level 1 (South) and was trying to work out for myself, as a bit of revision practice, what the equivalent would be for saying the same thing, but with you (singular) / he / she / we / you (plural) / they. I tried and failed. Can someone please help me with this? South answers preferred, but North for comparison also welcome.

Diolch am eich help (and my apologies for the delicious irony of my at least confidently knowing how to say that ‘I would prefer to speak Welsh’. Such a claim in real life would quickly get me into a lot of trouble!).


Byddai’n well 'da fi
Byddai’n well 'da ti
Byddai’n well 'da fe/hi
Byddai’n well 'da ni
Byddai’n well 'da chi
Byddai’n well 'da nhw

But note that using the alternative form bysai - “Bysai’n well… etc” - is equally valid.

For the Northern version, the same thing is true of byddai/bysai, and it’s just a matter of turning gyda into gan, except unlike gyda, gan uses inflected forms and pronounciation will vary in areas -

Byddai’n well gen i / gyn i
Byddai’n well gen ti / gyn ti
Byddai’n well ganddi hi / gynni hi
Byddai’n well ganddo fo / gynno fo
Byddai’n well gynnon ni
Byddai’n well gynnoch chi
Byddai’n well ganddyn nhw / gynnyn nhw


Diolch yn fawr iawn! The problem I had was that my online searches were only throwing up what I suspected were perhaps Northern versions, which were confusing me. Thank you for responding so quickly and helpfully.

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