Byddai or hoffen?

He’d like to = Byddai fe’n hoffi
I’d like to = Hoffen i

I don’t understand the absence of byddai in the second sentence.

In Welsh, you often have two main ways of constructing sentences: with or without an auxiliary verb. So in this case, you could just as well say
Hoffai fe for he would like and
Byddwn i’n hoffi for I would like
These so called long and short forms are usually interchangeable.


Hendrik! You’re meant to be listening to Owen Shiers, not providing your usual top quality help and assistance service on the forum!.. :wink:


Diolch yn fawr yawn

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Diolch yn fawr iawn. I really struggle with the pronunciation of byddai fi, in fact I was discussing this with Nia this afternoon in 1 to 1 chat. I’m relieved that I can say hoffen I!