Bŵtcamps 2024

I know that a number of you are waiting for news on bŵtcamps in 2024. This announcement is to pass on a decision made by the SSi Board relating to the immediate future of bŵtcamps.

You’re probably aware that Nia and I have shared the responsibility for running the bŵtcamps, and they really can’t take place with only one person. Nia has now left SSiW and we will be running our last bŵtcamp together this month.

The SSi Board discussed the situation at a recent meeting and have decided not to employ another Welsh language tutor for the time being while the company focuses on developing the software necessary to be able to quickly produce courses supporting learners of other languages, e.g. Irish Gaelic for English speakers, and English for Mandarin speakers. Once this course production process is working efficiently and we have an increased flow of income from new languages, the Board will then consider employing another Welsh tutor.

Until that time, we are regretfully unable to offer any more bŵtcamps.

In the meantime, you could look at what other opportunities are available, e.g. keep an eye on what Marcus of paned.cymru offers in terms of weekend Welsh language immersions at Garth Newydd, Lampeter,

And if you’re a parent of young children, you could get in touch with Nia directly at codihyder@gmail.com to see if she has anything planned for families in your area.


Newyddion drist :cry:

These weeks will be a good alternative to bwtcamps: :smile:Live Welsh Weeks in Ceredigion 2024

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Diolch Cetra. Mae rhaid i fi fynd wythnos nesaf. Cymraeg withdrawal symptoms setting in.