Bwtcamps 2019

Do you ever run bwtcamps out of school term times? I ask because holiday is not allowed during school term time for staff… at least not in any school I’ve worked in (including my current one!)

Hi Iestyn. I would really like to come on the June Bwtcamp if suave is available. Having found out about the graduation clashing I mentioned earlier, I didn’t try to book the July camp in the end of course.

2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp June 22-29. June seems to be the topic heading folks are registering an interest in Clare😊

As @Tricia mentioned - the place to express your interest in the June bwtcamp is 2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp June 22-29 - pop in there and add your name @clare-6

Oops. Thank you both :blush:

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Hi, just to confirm I’m interested in the June 22-29 bwtcamp. Hwyl!

Hi Iestyn,
I am just making my travel arrangements and wondered where I get off the bus in Tresaith?
Is the converted chapel, at the beach car park?
I think there is another car park at the top of the hill?

Hi @annmoore. will give you the best connections.

I’m assuming you’re coming from the south.:wink:
If you are coming from the south, Aberteifi, Cardigan, the single bus stop for Tresaith is at the top of several sets of steps which takes you down to the beach. Before you get there it takes you past the centre where Bwtcamp atually happens. If you are coming from the north, Aberystwyth, just look out for these steps and go down them. The road curves to almost 90 degrees at that point. There is also a minor road going down into Tresaith at the same point, but just stick to the steps. You may well be the only person getting off the bus. Just ask the driver for Tresaith.


Thanks very much Margaret! I decided the bus would be better for me. I think it was @Deborah-SSi that said in a post somewhere that TrawsCymru is free?! I do have a travel card anyway.
I know you often travel on public transport, I should have remembered to ask you. Thank you :hugs:

The T buses are free at the weekend but I doubt you would use one. 129 to Carmarthen from the bottom of your road. 460 to Aberteifi/Cardigan. 552 to Tresaith. Pantri Blakeman to wait for the 460, and a cafe at the Aberteifi bus station.

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@annmoore it’s also possible to get out at Tan-y-groes if you catch the main T5 bus running between Aberteifi and Aberystwyth. If you text and let Iestyn know which bus you’re on, one of us will come and pick you up to save you walking down.

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Thank you Dee. Both my knees are playing up at the moment so a lift from Tan-y-Groes would be brilliant!
I will text @Iestyn when I know the bus times :hugs:

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Would love to come to bootcamp, hoping there’s another one soon

I am hoping you might be able to set the date for the September bwtcamp soon, as that is when I would like to attend. We plan far ahead over here in busy New York.

September bwtcamp is pencilled in for 21 - 28 September. I’ve not finalised that date with Tro’r Trai yet, and obviously it is subject to enough bookings, but I would imagine that it will go ahead.

I’ll announce the date officially soon (although I guess this is the offical announcement!) but you can plan for those dates with as much certainty as is possible at the moment.

Thanks, Iestyn. If there are not enough bookings after I’ve made plane reservations, I’ll just have more time to spend traveling around Wales! But maybe I’ll wait a bit to see if the dates get pinned down.

Hi Violet - the date is definite - we’re in the calendar for the centre, and if anyone else wants the dates they’ll ask me first. It’s just the bookings that might change whether it runs or not.

So, if you get your flights cheaper now than in a few weeks time, byu all means go ahead and book, and if nothing runs, I (and probably Dee) will be available at least for a day or two to show you around this area for your own personal bootcamp, or maybe shoe camp - a bit smaller than the real thing!


Hi there, I‘m interested in the September 2019 bootcamp. Is this the right place to respond?

Iestyn is running a boot camp at this very moment! Generally, when he announces a bootcamp he opens a new thread asking for expressions of interest. When/if there are enough he then announces a date for bookings to be made. And then things become interesting. Too many people on boot camp, or too few, and things don’t work very well.

Iestyn, thanks so much for getting things lined up. I am in, and if all else faiils, a shoe camp sounds awesome.

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