Bŵtcamp Oct 2022 - 17th to 24th - Lampeter

Bŵtcamp Mis Hydref 2022

It’s now time to announce that expressions of interest can now be sent in for the October Bŵtcamp!

It will be held in Llambed (Lampeter), Ceredigion - an area with a sizeable Welsh-speaking population - and the accommodation will be a big improvement on the dormitory bunkbeds of Tresaith! Garth Newydd has 3 twin rooms and 3 single rooms available for bwtcampers, with an additional single room reserved for the Bŵtcamp Helpwr, an experienced bwtcamper there to help run the week.

As with previous Bŵtcamps, the most important rule for the week is the WELSH ONLY rule. Once the set up for the week has been explained in English during the introductory session, there will be only Welsh spoken until the Bŵtcamp is declared officially over.

Bŵtcamp is NOT a Welsh course. There are no “lessons” or class type activities. Rather it is a chance to have a total immersion holiday in Welsh - enjoying fun activities and outings, meeting new people, having new experiences, all through the medium of Welsh.

For that reason, the experience is most successful if you have a certain amount of Welsh under your belt already. A minimum is to have completed Level 1 SSiW, though if you’ve completed Level 2, you are likely to benefit more. It’s also useful if you’re already started using your Welsh a little with others - either face-to-face, or in a Zoom chat group - however, if you haven’t had that opportunity but feel confident you could cope in a Welsh Only situation, don’t hesitate to apply.

The cost for the week will be £420 (£350+VAT) for a Twin Room and £456 (£380+VAT) for a Single Room. This will include not just the accommodation, but all your meals and excursions. You’ll just need to bring a little pocket money for any extras, e.g. the occasional snack in a café, or to buy Welsh books and souvenirs.

If you’re interested in knowing more, send an email to deborah [AT] saysomethingin.com or click on my username and send me a Private Message. I will send you an information sheet and application form, so you can give it some more consideration and decide whether you’d like to come along.

We will be using the same booking system as for the September Bŵtcamp, which seemed to work well. We’re inviting applications from everyone who is genuinely serious about coming and we will look at how the group would fit with the accommodation available.

If there are more applicants than spaces, we will hold a live “lottery system” on Zoom with all the names in a hat, and the lucky bŵtcampers will be selected at random. Those who miss out will have priority for subsequent bŵtcamps.

Pob lwc!

EDIT: Note that just clicking on the saysomethingin.com doesn’t link to my email address. I’ve disguised it to deter spambots, so you need to put it together again, replacing the [AT] with @

Note that I will respond to everyone who emails, so if you don’t hear back from me, send me a PM or make a comment here so that I know to look for your email. One person has had an issue trying to get an email through over-enthusiastic spam filters, so I don’t want you to miss out because your email didn’t get through.


Swmae Pawb,

Ursula dwi o Lwydau. Dwi ddim gallu dod o Bwtcamp. Bwyddwn i dod i Cymru i Aberystwyth yn y mis Tachwed.

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Gobeithio gei di amser anhygoel yn Aberystwyth, @ursula-waldinger !
I hope you have an amazing time in Aberystwyth.

Hi Deborah,
Unfortunately I didn’t realise or forgot there was an October Bwtcamp (my fault completely) - I’d seen a lot of posts about the September one. I’m actually on leave that week and if I’d realised I would have put myself forward for this. Instead I’ve got an holiday booked in Wales which I’m sure will be brilliant too.
That said, I’d really love to go to one in the near future (fingers crossed for next year). Do you think next year there might be a bit more notice for the applications/lottery results?
I ask just because to guarantee leave its best for me if I request it in advance (a month or so) and it doesn’t leave much time to book something else if I don’t win the lottery.
I realise this has just started up again and everyone’s still getting back into the swing of things so please just see this as me being super keen for next year! :grin:

Yes, we do hope to get things more organised next year, building on our experiences from running these two this year. We’ll be announcing the dates as soon as we can - hopefully before the end of this year.

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That would be brilliant. Thanks Deborah!

If anyone would like to go on the waiting list for this one, can you let me know ASAP. We currently have 9 applicants, but if anyone needs to drop out, then there will be a spare place available for someone on the waiting list.

Diolch :slight_smile:

Is anyone interested in coming to the October Bŵtcamp? A couple of people have had to pull out, so we have two places. If you’d like to apply, get in touch with deborah@saysomethingin.com as soon as you can.

Would anyone in the Aberystwyth area be interested in coming along to see “Y Mab Darogan” with the bwtcampers next Saturday - 22 October - at 8pm in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre?

We have 3 tickets available - £15 each - and we’d love to have some other SSiWers join us!

Get in touch with me through PM, or by email - deborah@saysomethingin.com

Roedd y bwtcamp mis hydref yn ardderchog. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Mi wnaethon ni llawer o bethau diddorol a roedd pawb yn defnyddiol iawn. Anghredadwy ( fy ngeir newydd)
The whole experience was wonderful, the programme, the people in the group, Nia and Ciara and Marcus, and all the people we met along the way. Life changing!