Bwtcamp July space


I’m on the July bwtcamp but have had to pull out.

I’ve no idea what the process is for selling on my place but just to let you know there’s one up for grabs


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Tagging @Iestyn just in case there should something be done regarding this.

(And I hope you don’t mind I’ve put this into the right category so that it won’t get lost before someone sees the post).

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Sad for you, Richard.@Iestyn was great when I had to back away suddenly from Tresaith last year. Bŵtcamp Mawr this year certainly helped heal the residual lingering woundedness, for me. I hope you get on a bŵtcamp of some sort, or a good substitute, soon.


@Iestyn Will we get notified before you re-open booking?

I miss Wales, I miss Bŵtcamp, I miss Gwenllian (= I need to come) :blush:

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Iestyn is actually on the June Bwtcamp at the moment, but if he hasn’t seen this before I catch up with him later in the week, I’ll let him know.

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