Buzzing from success

I previously posted about one of my failures, so here I am balancing my forum karma.

Last night I saw some friends/former colleagues, one of whom is a Welsh speaker. It was the first proper in-person conversation I’ve had in Welsh and it couldn’t have gone much better. Only one thing I said was wrong enough to hinder understanding (of course in the cold light of morning I’ve realised other mistakes I made, but clearly context was enough to get around them). My friend was very impressed with what I’d learnt in 5 months (of course I had pre-empted some of the conversation and rehearsed some answers in the shower earlier in the day, but I do that even in English sometimes).

My Welsh learning has taken a bit of a diversion recently - I wasn’t enjoying the level 3 challenges as much, partly because I’ve been too tired/preoccupied for the level of challenge and partly because they don’t feel as cohesive as levels 1 and 2, so I’ve been doing the old course instead. I’ve seen in a thread here that a lot of people did this in the past while waiting for level 3 to be released. It has been filling in a lot of gaps for me and the combination of the two courses was, I think, a big factor in my success last night.

My friend is from Cardiff and I’ve been doing the Northern course, but it caused no problems at all (I know people say it won’t, but when you read about some of the differences you can’t help being daunted)

I’ll finish by sharing the biggest compliment, which was to the effect of:

“If I didn’t know you and you hadn’t said anything else, from the first two words you said I’d have thought you were a Welsh speaker from North Wales”.


That it amazing!! I don’t know you at all, but I’m feeling incredibly proud of you / for you right now.


Right - go forth and speak Welsh. You’re one of the million now :grinning:


oh juicy! what a delicious morsel! scrumptious when we realise not only that we can, but we have. :grinning:

we have learned to speak cymraeg. we have enabled deeper connections with the native populace. we have demonstrated our respect for and honouring of the local people and culture. we have taken deliberate steps to root ourselves here and to enable belonging in cymru.

even as we acknowledge further steps ahead, here we are now, aelodau o’r gymunedol a gymynedol cymraeg :wales:

da iawn, ti! gogleddwyrion ymlaen!


That’s absolutely fantastic @M2017 ! You’ve definitely stepped from being a Welsh ‘learner’ to being a ‘new Welsh speaker’ now! Llongyfarchiadau!

Diolch to everyone for the wonderful words.

I don’t think I will be removing my L plates just yet, definitely still a learner if it has to be either/or, but I know I’ll reach that point at sooner rather than later. I have my plan of how to get closer to that point.


Every day you’re moving closer! Da iawn ti!