Buying Level 2 course in advance

Hi want the Level 2 course for Christmas.

Is there a link I can give the family? I am currently near the end of Level 1



I have no idea about the ‘buying’ side of things, but I’m tagging @Deborah and @Iestyn for you 'cos I think they’re probably the best ones to answer. :slight_smile:

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Diolch Siaron!

@dianne-1 the course you’re doing at the moment is the 6 Month course, so you’ll automatically carry on into Level 2 as that’s part of the course. There isn’t a separate link to pay for Level 2, but you could ask them to contribute towards your monthly payments.

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Thank you Deborah. I’m a bit confused as I took advantage of the Birthday offer for the six month course. Then I put it on pause round September time I think. I’ve just un - paused it. But I think I have been paying monthly throughout. I would like to start participating in the Hangouts with Nia again. I’ve started practicing again at Challenge 20. I would like to know how long access to the Challenges and to Nia’s Hangouts will continue, and how to resume the courses when the Birthday offer expires. Thank you very much, Di

The birthday offer was to upgrade from the 12-month course (called 6 Minutes a Day) to the more intensive (and expensive) 6 Month one but stay on the 12-month payment plan. That’s a standard £10 a month subscription that is on-going but can be cancelled at any time. So in effect it doesn’t expire. The ‘pause’ only affects the course emails so that you don’t get the pressure of them coming every week when you need a break, but you still have all your online access so your subscription continues.

As long as you keep your subscription you keep access to all of our online material - right through to Advanced Content - and you can keep coming into Nia’s hangouts :slight_smile:

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Thanks you Deborah. I couldn’t access the hangout one time and thought I was suspended because I was on pause. I should have checked with you guys !!! Great, thanks for the fantastic resource xxxx Di