Hello, to say I swim butterfly (or I am swimming butterfly, I don’t mind!)

is it dw i’n nofio pili pala or dw i’n nofio gloyn byw? I feel somehow like they are going to mean two very different things! Thank you!

There are a few ways to say it - which you use can depend on what is used locally or just personal preference. Personally I use nofio pili-pala, but here are all the options -
strôc pili-pala
strôc adeiniog
nofio glöyn byw
nofio pili-pala

Wow! Thank you so much. I love pili-pala. I shall use that.

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Hi there!
That’s my first post on the forum, but I had to say:
“pilipala” is my new favourite Welsh word!
In German we have a quiet similar word with a completely different meaning: pillepalle (ll indicating a short vowel and beeing pronounced l). It means something like easy-peasy.
I love Welsh, the word and butterflies, so its easy-peasy to remember :laughing:
Ma eisiau i fi cofio pilipala!

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I will never forget it now!