Budget accommodation in Dolgellau

Hi All,

I posted this link a while ago but with summer holidays approaching I thought I would put up a reminder:

An Aussie friend of mine, Veronica, who I met on Cwrs Haf, in Aberystwyth, has recently set up an artists’s studio in Corris, North Wales. To help cover the start up costs, Veronica has put her Dolgellau house on Airbnb. It is reasonably priced for the area but what the airbnb ads won’t tell you is that she is offering substantial discounts to language learners. I asked her if I could tell people on the SSiW forum and she said, no worries (the Aussie version of be my guest).

So here is the link: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/4359070?s=152

If that doesn’t work, search for 2 bedroom with views of Cader Idris.

The house has two double beds and a single bed and I’ve stayed there twice. It’s clean and nice. If you book between July 26th and the end of December I will be there to greet you. So, you are guaranteed at least one conversation in Welsh.

If you are interested, contact Veronica, tell her you know me from the forum and share a little of your language learning journey. The discount is only for learners. smile

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Thanks for this, Liz. I assume this is the accommodation I enquired about when @patricia_mitchell and I were researching the DIY Bootcamp possibility. The only reason I didn’t approach you or Veronica was that 2 plus 3 sharing didn’t quite meet the numbers we were thinking about.

The Southern Snowdonia venue looks wonderful. I’ve looked at the prices on the site (even before the kind discount offer) and they look very reasonable to me.

(I’d be very interested myself, but I’m too shy to share a room :slight_smile: )

No worries, Huw and no pressure. I’m just letting people know. When is your DIY Bootcamp? A group of us are doing a DIY Bootcamp in August. When is yours?

Sadly Patricia and I have not managed to bring one off this year but you can see the result of her survey and our efforts in the DIY bootcamp thread.

It would be very useful, hoewver, for people who have expressed an interest to read about how you put the bootcamp together and - after August - how enjoyable and beneficial it was. If you’re willing, may I suggest you post your experiences in the same thread which you should find here :-