Brythonic Languages Word of The Day


I just came across this lovely Facebook page called Brythonic Languages Word of The Day (WOTD). In short, it gives you an English world of the day, as written in Brezhoneg, Kernewek, and Cymraeg. (Breton, Cornish, and Welsh).

This may be of keen interest to anyone learning any one of the Brythonic languages, and/or to those who love etymology and learning cognates in other languages, or Brythonic/Celtic languages in general. :slight_smile:

I’ve happily liked the page, and although I’m not actively learning a Brythonic language, I love learning words of Brythonic origin.


Sorry - misread - ignore this post!

Pur dhe les yw henna, Naltun, meur ras! :grinning:

(That’s very interesting/useful, Naltun, thank you!)


i am gatecrashing into Cornish territory to say how much I appreciated what your representative said at the Eisteddfod on Ynys Mon (Anglesey) this afternoon. The Government in Westminster see us as the edge of the South Western Region and part of it, but we are not the edge of anything, we are part of the great Celtic world. Well, something like that, certainly he stood up for Cornwall!



Os ta kernewek po kembrek? Me a rug desky Kernewek yn klass gorthycher dhe Loundres rag dau bloedh.
Me a ra desky Kembrek lemmyn.
Da iawn for giving us some of our sister language.


Ostralek ov vy. Mes tas-gwynn a’m thas-gwynn o Kernow (dhyworth Kammbronn). Trigys ov vy yn Pow Sows lemmyn hag yth esov ow tyski Kernewek gans KDL ha Memrise. My a vynn’sa kavoes moy dyskansow SSiCornish ynwedh… :wink:

(Nyns yw ow Hernewek perfeyth, ytho gav dhymm rag ow hammskrifow, mar pleg.)


Ty a wodhes kewsel Kernewek gwell es me, Courtenay! Mes my a rug kowedhes agas messach.
(In Kernewek ha Sownek lemmyn): Most Cornish Australians, as you probably know, trygys yn Moontah, Southern Cross ha ranji aral yn South Australia.
Rhes yw dhym obery dhe tyski Kembrek lemmyn, but I’ll keep in touch.
Oh, and drog yw genev rag ow Hernewek ankewar.
Re. ‘tha hammskriffow’: isn’t it “yth esov VY ow tyski…”?

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It can be, but doesn’t have to be — the “vy” is an optional pronoun suffix that gives a bit of extra emphasis to whoever the verb is about. I usually would say “yth esov vy”, but as I’d already used a “vy” in “trigys ov vy” (which could also be just “trigys ov”), I decided there was no need to repeat it. :slight_smile:

Ow hendasow Kernewek a wrug triga yn Bendigo yn Victoria — I guess they went for the gold rather than the copper! :wink:


Yeh, you’re right about ‘vy’ being superfluous. I forgot (it must be 10 years since I lost spoke Cornish to anyone).
My a vynn skryfys yn Kernewek arta skon.

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Couple of days late, but I only just remembered the Word of the Day page (I’m not actually on Facebook myself :smile:) and found they did an appropriate post for St Piran’s Day (5th March):

And one for St David’s Day too: