Brussels meet

Hi i did a quick search of the forum and noticed there used to be a Brussels meeting.

I will be in Brussels next week so if anyone from there fancies “cwrw a sgwrs” send me a message.

I met a fellow learner in Stuttgart last weekend which was great fun so feel free to get in touch.

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Hi Peter,

This is the information that is at the end of the weekly email, but I’m not sure how often these still happen:

Brussels, Belgium - Saturday (random), Le Circle du Voyageurs, Rue des Grandes Carmes, 1000 Brussels (contact Martin Proctor for exact time and date)

@martinproctor would be your best contact person, but I’ll add a link to this post in this week’s email and see if you get any interest.


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Thanks @Deborah-SSi however I’m only there weds thurs and fri.

I’ll mention that in the email. You never know who might be about :slight_smile:

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Aw brilliant. It was fantastic to meet thomas in Stuttgart and sit in the main square speaking welsh. With us both having done SSIW it meant we hardly had to resort to English. I’m sure we were both trying not to!

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