Brooklyn gatherings?

I’ll be spending a lot of time for work in downtown Brooklyn in late June, July, August, and September. I’d love to meet some of the NY-area SSIWers that I’ve known for so long online! Any gatherings planned / possible?

Hey Diane,

Where in Downtown Brooklyn will you be? I’ll try and contact the people I’ve met here, but they don’t seem to be on the boards much anymore. Jen and Joan are outside of the city (Long Island and Westchester respectively, I believe), and I think Ifan is still in Manhattan?

My Welsh is bad and I am already intimidated by the thought, but I work in Lower Manhattan, intern in Brooklyn Heights, and live elsewhere in Brooklyn. Depending on which days of the week you’re here, I’m sure we can meet up. My schedule’s a bit hectic til mid-August.


Hey Joanie, thanks for replying! Nothing to be intimidated by, for sure. But maybe I can help get you even more excited for Bootcamp in September. :slight_smile: I’ll send you a PM with more info about my plans.

Yep, still in Manhattan for another 3.5 weeks or so. Always up for a meetup at the Longbow or indeed elsewhere (though the food at the Longbow is great! :))

Me, too! I will be away from the 4th through the 13th of July, but other than that, I would love to meet up and meet the great Tahl in person finally :slight_smile: !! What dates are you thinking of? Anyone want to meet in Manhattan this time?

Hey Guys,
I am new to SSiW, but live here on LI and would love to connect with a group if anything is being planned. I have some connections through the Welsh Church in NYC and would love to expand my knowledge of Welsh. Please keep me in mind if something comes up and there is a gathering…
Hwyl am y tro,
Simon Owen-Williams

Hi Simon,

Where on L.I. are you?

With your connections through the church, do you know of anyone who speaks or is learning Cymraeg? When we had our few meetups, I had reached out to the church with dim lwc.


I would love to get together sometime on a Friday night at the Longbow (the R train doesn’t seem to be working on the weekend), or Friday or Saturday night somewhere. Sometime after the last week of July and first week of August would be best for me, but except for this weekend, I could make things work.

How about let’s try for Saturday, August 9, and see if anyone is available then? It might be hard for Joan, Jen and Simon to make a Friday night due to distance.


The R train runs on the weekend, just with a modified route into Manhattan. Are you staying in Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Diolch am yr atebion and yes there are a couple of learners and several first language types in Yr Eglwys y Cymry. Not everyone comes to all the services and some only show for the te Bach and cultural events afterwards.

Ta beth, wi yn y ddinas 10fed o awst fel mae’n digwydd… Any chance of a paned and chat on Dydd Sul? Os na, dim traferth, I can come in on Saturday hefyd. It would be lovely to meet some fellow learners!

I live in Brooklyn, and while I wouldn’t say I’m flexible overall due to some other commitments, I am probably the most flexible by virtue of living here (if we’re meeting up in Brooklyn or Manhattan).

Diane didn’t mention if Sundays are OK for her, but if they are, Sunday the 10th is OK by me. Os all hi ddim cwrdd ddydd Sul a mae’n gormod o drafferth i ti ddod Ddydd Sadwrn, gad i fi wybod a fallai allen ni gwrdd ddydd Sul, ti a fi a fy ngwr i.

Fel o’n i’n weud, hapus i gwrdd a nos sadwrn os hynny yn well am bawb.
Just let me know.
Also, sa i’n siwr ble mae’r tafarn . Can you send directions if that’s what we end up doing? Diolch am yr ymateb eto…
Gobeithio fydd na grwp neis ohonon ni!

It’s in Bay Ridge at 74th and 3rd - Bay Ridge Ave is the stop you’ll want to get off at if you’re going on the subway. Cenfigennus! :slight_smile:

Paid a becso Ifan! Byddwn ni’n eich weld chi tro nesaf siwr iawn. Diolch am y cyfarwyddíadau am y tafarn. Wi’n Gobeithio gallu gweld pobl ym mis awst. Byddai’n aros I glywed os yw’n Dydd sadwrn neu Dydd Sul.
Pob Hwyl

Sorry for dropping out of sight for a bit! Sunday nights are likely to be tough for me, and Saturday much better, to be honest.

Iawn. Nos sadwrn fydd hi te. Dim problem o gwbl o fy safbwynt i! So the Strongbow on August 9th ife? Pa amser bydd yn siwtio bawb?

Wi eisiau tipyn o help gyda fy llun profile i ! Mae hi’n disgwyl fel wi’n teimlo hanner waith!

Hey guys, do you still think it will be possible to meet on the 9th in the city? I look forward to meeting you and hope to have a chance to practice our welsh. Please let me know if there is still interest. Diolch.

Byddwn! Bydda i’n edrych ymlaen at y 9ed. Pryd?

Yes! I’ll look forward to Saturday, August 9th at the Longbow. What time works? I am among the closest so will let others choose.