Bronwen Lewis (from "The Voice" and "Pride" not SSIW) Virtual Gig

Bronwen is giving a virtual gig via her Facebook page on Saturday 28th March at 8 pm. I had my first Welsh conversation “in the wild” with Bronwen at her gig in Llanelli before Xmas. A wonderful evening. Here is the link to her page:
Sorry if I should have put this in an existing thread.


And just in case anyone was wondering, this is the famous Bronwen Lewis, not me…


I thought you were the famous Bronwen Lewis, didn’t recognise the other one at all!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, @BronwenLewis I thought it was you and wondered what kind of gig this would be. However I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be you. You’re creative and so full of ideas! I’d love to see one once. :slight_smile:

So now I’m curious who that other Bronwen Lewis is and clicking away to her page.

Well, and to put her music page on (because the upper link is her personal facebook page) here’s the link Bronwen Music Facebook page and I believe she’d stream the gig from this page though.

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Oddly, the first thing on my mind was: ‘but Bronwen doesn’t have a Facebook page…’


And on my “What gig would she give?” :slight_smile:


Sorry for any confusion caused; and you are definitely famous, Bronwen. If I can, I shall try to amend the title to make it clearer.

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Thanks for that, Tatjana. I’ve amended the address.

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And here was I thinking that OUR Bronwen Lewis had been hiding her talents under a bushel :rofl:


Yup, what he said… :slight_smile:

The perils of fame:


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This was a great gig - thanks for letting us know about it @annepowell. Bronwen has a superb voice and a natural talent, yet is very much ‘the-girl-next-door’. I think she could break through big time if she had a great song or two written for her (that’s assuming she wants to).

Now @BronwenLewis, what about your gig, it shouldn’t be too hard an act to follow… :grinning::laughing:

After you, @AlanP

Diolch, Alan. Glad you enjoyed it.