Bromyard meet up

The Malvern weekly lunchtime meeting is a always well attended and I wondered if , in addition, our wee town of Bromyard might have a small group of learners who could meet monthly in the evening. I’ll place a notice on the local Facebook page. Get in touch if you are interested.

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Hello Mike. I’d be interested in a Bromyard meetup. I live in Leominster and have done ssiw level 3, now doing dysgu cymraeg canolradd course

That’s great…I go to Malvern most Thursday lunchtimes…my wife and I have both finished level 3 and I know of at least one other learner who is interested…so what nights can’t you do….

Sorry Mike, I only just saw your reply! I thought I might get a notification…

I could do any daytime except Weds pm and Thurs am. Or mon to Thurs evenings. Do you live in Bromyard?

I live Just outside Bromyard, I will perhaps go for 7.00 one night.
I’ll check with Anne who lives in Bromyard…it’ll be good to try and get something going. Might put it out on Facebook too

To make sure someone gets a notification, you can tag them like this: @mikewilliams-1 , and then you should get a message in your email :slight_smile:

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