Bristol Meetups

Anyone interested in one of these ?

I’ll pop that one in next week’s email - bound to be loads of Welsh speakers in Bristol, surely!


Damo. Dwi jyst wedi symud mas o Bryste! Ond nac ydi Wotton pell. Mae diddordeb 'da fi gwybod mwy…

Tony Hearn

Helo Tony, dwi’n byw yn Clevedon, a dwi’n dysgu cymraeg (safon canolradd). Dwi wedi ymddeiol, a dwi’n meddwl bod diddorol creu meetup yn Bryste, i gwrando a siarad cymraeg.
hwyl nawr


It looks like interest in a Bristol meetup is growing! Let’s see if we can start off 2018 with a new group.

Can I just remind you that we use either English (or Welsh with an English translation) on the forum so that everyone is included no matter how early they are in their Welsh learning :slight_smile:

If you get your first meetup organised, I’ll put a plug in the weekly email to see if we can get a few more along.


I’ve just started trying to learn again, after thirty years forgetting the Welsh I learned in school. I’m based in central Bristol and would be interested in a regular meet up.

I live in Bath and have just started learning Welsh again. I’d be interested in coming along to a meet-up to practise speaking Welsh, if I can make it!

Could the relevant person please add me to any lists/notices about this please? :smiley:

Diolch yn fawr!


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@PaulM it looks like interest is growing in a Bristol meetup. Do you have any location in mind?

The next step is to have a quick check of when people would be available and choose a time and place for your inaugural meetup. Tag me (@dee) and I’ll promote it in the weekly email for you.


Keep me posted please! I’m 20 miles north of Bristol…
Tony Hearn

Yes keep me posted please. I’m also in Bath - only up to lesson 17 so not sure how much of a problem that would be

Suggest Hort’s Tavern, Broad St, Bristol, Tuesday 30 January 7.30p.m.?

Helo Paul,
Chris ydw i. Dwi’n byw yn Weston-Super-Mare a dwi’n balch iawn i glwyed am grwp SSiW yn Mhryste. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to this meet up as I am on the wrong shift that night (30th Jan). Please keep me informed though of future meetings. It’s really great to hear about something a bit closer to home! I am happy to pass on my email address so that you can keep me posted.
Iechyd da a da iawn i chdi.


oh yes please include me as well in your email! I’ll be there on Tues. @PaulM

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Diolch Chris -good to know there are people around! cheers Paul

That’s great! See you there Paul

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Sorry I didn’t get back in touch after my first message (deadlines and then holidays!).

For me, Mondays and Thursdays are not available, but other evenings should be okay (Wednesdays and weekends would be better, though).

@Deborah-SSi How do I sign up to the weekly email?

You can find it in the FAQ, or just click here :slight_smile:


Mae’n ddrwg gennyf, dwi ddim meddwl dwi yn gallu dod i’r dafarn yfory (I’m sorry, I don’t think I can come to the pub tomorrow). Next time! Rich

Iawn. Wela i chi heno gobeithio! meetup at Hort’s Tavern Broad St Bristol tonight 7.30


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How did it go? Well I hope.
I’d like to go to the next one.