Brighton CACEN Weekly Pub Meetup 8:30 pm


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The South East England chapter of learners and returners will meet at Chichester on 27 September. All welcome. If you need details please PM me. Otherwise refer to teh thread CACEN Meetup South East England 26 July which you can find by writing CACEN in the search field for the forums



Paid â phoeni Mark!
I always start a new thread for each new meet we gave in Kent! Hopefully one day we will have a facility where maintaining our meet up schedules will be easier…

Helo! Do you have a date and venue set for October yet?

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Join us for a weekly evening in a Brighton pub. Please message me for location. This is an opportunity to exercise your talent for the language and if it’s in its early stages, to help nurture it in friendly surroundings.

And tea and coffee get free topups! sadly not the cwrw.

Hwyl fawr

Weekly meetup at a Brighton Pub. please PM me for the venue. Looking forward to seeing you all.