Bridgend (Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) monthly meetups

Hi folks, let’s have a shiny thread on the new forum about the Bridgend meetups.

We meet in Aroma in Bridgend 10:00 on the second Saturday of every month. That means that (at the time of posting) the next one’s tomorrow morning. We usually hang around for about two hours.

There’s a range of speakers, from me through to everyone else, who aren’t completely hopeless, so if you’re in the area please feel free to come along. We usually sit towards the back doors somewhere. If you let us know you’re coming along we’ll take something obvious to put on the table (often a white squeezy sheep).

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Special offer: For one month only, in December we’ll be meeting on the first Saturday of the month (Saturday 6th December) because a number of us can’t make the following weekend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Hi. I’m a welsh learner in Bridgend and really struggle with conversation. I’m also fairly quiet and shy so don’t tend to go out of my way to find Welsh Speakers. I’d love to build up my confidence and just go for it. If you are all meeting in Aroma tomorrow would you mind if I tagged along please? Love Deb xx

Hi Deb, it’s Saturday we’re meeting, not tomorrow (which I think is Friday, although I’m losing track this week!), but of course you’d be welcome. We’re just a bunch of SSiW learners having a chat in mixed English/Welsh (some more Welsh than others!) I can’t imagine a less threatening environment to come to to have a sgwrs. We’ll be sat somewhere near the back of Aroma, towards the doors onto their patio. I look quite like my avatar here, so we shouldn’t be hard to spot.

Thanks. I meant Saturday. I’m losing track of days too sorry! I’ll try and be there I’ve been working myself up to it for a few days so I’m proper nervous now. Please don’t all speak to me in Welsh at once, my brain needs time to adjust itself into Welsh mode! Love Deb x

We’re sitting at the table by the back doors - very easy to find - and Aroma is surprisingly quiet.

If your brain has a Welsh mode to switch to its already one ahead of mine.

Hi folks, I think we agreed that if people decided last month (when I wasn’t there) to meet over the road that they’d post here. No-one has, so I assume we’ll be in Aroma as usual unless I hear otherwise.

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Annwyl Wondersheep:

I didn’t have chance to mention to you yesterday. I won’t be coming to the monthly meet-ups any more. As I told you before, I find the Cafe very noisy, to the point where I can’t hear other people talking and therefore unable to focus yn Cymraeg. Pob lwc - Jyoti

Sorry Jyoti - I don’t know why I didn’t notice this one.

Has anyone got suggestions for somewhere that’s a bit quieter than Aroma, and where the cake/bacon sarnies are a bit nicer than the Wetherspoons?

I guess we’ll be at Aroma tomorrow, can have a chat and see if we can think of somewhere new for July.

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Right, sorry I didn’t post earlier - last month we decided to give Bauhaus a try - also in the middle of Bridgend - for August as part of the hunt for somewhere quieter for Jyoti. Hopefully everyone’s subscribed to this thread and’ll notice in time.

Well, we tried that, but it ended up louder than Aroma, so in the absence of other suggestions we’ll be in Aroma next month.

There is a lovely deli in Broadlands, but I don’t know how easy that is for people to get to. Opinions welcome…

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Lovely meetup this morning.
In our continuing hunt for somewhere quiet and with good bacon butties, we’ll be trying next month’s meetup in “Il Panino”, just around the corner from where we usually meet.

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Hi All, I don’t know if any of you know about theZone in Bridgend. It’s meeting place with a coffee shop. It’s quiet and friendly and would welcome a Welsh language group. I know this as I am the new co-ordinator there. There are comfy sofas and plenty of space. It is near Barclays Bank in the opposite direction to Aroma. It is next door to the Polish Shop. Unfortunately we do not as yet sell bacon butties only various paninis and sandwiches but we are open to suggestion…
Do call in any time to check the place out, we are open from 10 til 2 Monday through til Saturday. I’m away at Bootcamp in Tresaith next week so I won’t be around but tell them Deb sent you and you should be ok. Hopefully I will see you all again when I get back and when I’m a fluent Welsh Speaker!!! Fat chance !! Deb x


Good luck at Bootcamp! And thanks for telling us about the Zone - I hope you’re braced for the Bacon Butty Lobby…:wink:

Thanks Deb. I’ll suggest theZone for next month and see how people feel :slight_smile:

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Folks liked Il Panino so much, we’re going back there again next month. I imagine this’ll become a long-term arrangement.


Just a reminder that we decided to meet tomorrow this month (the first Saturday in December instead of the second). See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hi, Just wondered whether this group is still meeting? I’m a new learner and very interested in regular opportunities to practice.


Hi there,
Yep, we’re still meeting 10AM, generally for around two hours, on the second Saturday of each month, in Il Panino in town. I’ll look forward to seeing you.

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Hope you’re still intending to come this morning. We’re upstairs in Il Panino, by the window and the fire, with a crutch helpfully balanced against the wall.