Have finished level one and am taking a three week break for revision. Have found this to be of great benefit. Do any other learners have the same experience. Am 78 years of age and not computer literate but have very recently been shown how to post conversation and will now catch up on conversation exercises. Why start at 78…because I’m Welsh.


Well done Brian!

Yes, brilliant Brian. Of course age is no barrier to learning something new but congratulations on completing Level 1 and also mastering internet as well. No mean feat.

Although I didn’t revise formally as such, I have returned to a few particular challenges to get a better understanding of some sentences.

Well done, Brian. I have just started level 2. I am 71 and am doing it for exactly the same reason! Just wish SSi had been available 50 years ago.

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@brian-whyld Great thing to do, and it shows that it’s never too late to learn something. Personally I think that “78 years old” applies strictly to one’s biological age and not to the Real You - you’re as young as you want to be! Good luck!