Brain freeze - stuck on challenge 6 after a short break

Hi everyone. Looking for a little advice.
I’ve recently started doing the 6mws course and was doing fine, but over half term needed to take a break to help out with some family stuff. I jumped back in this week and started challenge 6, but I’m really struggling.
I feel like I’ve forgotten almost everything. I’ve re-listened to challenge 6 about 5 times and as soon as it gets about half way through and starts mixing up words and sentence structures from previous challenges, I just go blank. I can’t remember even the most basic things. That week break has made a huge difference to my knowledge and confidence. I’ve paused my course as I’m quite stressed about it. Should I go back and repeat all the previous challenges? I don’t feel I can move on at the moment, there are too many gaps.

I can empathise with your predicament, but am really the NKOTB here. But if you search stuck you will find some gems in the threads.