Box to tick for each challenge?

hi -I’m quietly catching up with the challenges and about to do challenge 9 for first time- have the boxes been removed to say when you’ve completed a challenge? I tried clicking on the e-mail link to say 8 is completed and it wouldn’t work - but I can’t remember if I’d completed 8 before or not (catching up as I’d fallen behind due to M.E.) - but I can’t see a box on challenge 9 to tick when I’ve completed it?

Hi Catherine, the tick boxes are there if you’re doing the structured 6 Minutes course, but you’re currently not a member of that. You just have the standard subscription giving you access to the Challenges so you can work through them independently.

If you want to rejoin the 6 Minutes course, send an email to and let us know whereabouts you want to restart from. If you reregister yourself, it will set you back to the beginning.

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ah right thanks for explaining - I think I’ll keep doing it as I’m currently doing for now- I received the e-mails till lesson 18 I believe so will be ok with those- I’ll decide whether to rejoin the 6 minutes after that- thanks for replying as I was stumped where the little box had gone! Even though I’d got the first 18 e-mails of course I’d only got as far as the first 8 lessons- so I’m glad to be facing a new lesson now- challenge 9- catching up quietly! :grinning: