Borrowings from Klingon into Welsh

I think I’ve found a Welsh word which is borrowed from Klingon :slight_smile:

I remember seeing the word llall in an episode of Rownd a Rownd and I went to look it up just now.

“the other one(s)”… hm, sounds pretty much like the Klingon word latlh with that meaning (pronounced latll, with a Welsh ll at the end, albeit after a t)!


My favourite Klingon -> Welsh borrowing is arch-farch-nad, which I believe means “gathering place, where the children of your enemies may be traded at knockdown prices, and you can regularly get 3 for 2 offers on disruptor pistols”.


Klingon into Welsh, or Welsh into Klingon?


I thought that too, Margaret. I suspect that the irony is passing me by.:thinking:

I have a feeling that the lad who invented the Klingon language as used in uk was Alex Greene of Wrexham. I imagine he used what was locally available for inspiration! I never liked Klingons much or found them very believable so did not take much notice of his offers to teach the language!

And the best Zulu borrowings into Welsh?

Awu, sebekutholile omuhle kakhulu esigabeni bass, ingqondo, kodwa akukho tenors top, lokho ngoba isiqiniseko.

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:musical_note:Madoda Harlech ayeke ukuphupha yakho…


Awuboni umkhonto wethu amaphuzu akhanyayo
Bheka warrior yethu pennants isakaza

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One of my favourite scenes from any film. And another thread off-topic!

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should we bring it back on topic and have a serious discussion on Klingon borrowings then?

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Well, as the person who started the thread, I’d appreciate it if the Zulu and other things went to a different thread – there’s silly and there’s silly.

luq Surgh vaj latlh vay’ zulu lo’ vaj 'oH par SoH jImon

Managed to get the latlh in as well

So will Klingon be the next language available Aran?
(That might even get hubby interested in ssi)!

We generally do very little with off-topic - I’ve always rather liked the natural tendency of conversations to flow in unexpected directions. The only time I ever actually move stuff is if it’s from an announcement thread of some time, and I think the conversation bids fair to hide the actual announcement… :slight_smile:

I can remember discussing this with Iestyn on a late night walk back into Aberystwyth from one of the birthday parties at the Llety Parc… :slight_smile: I think there’s a fighting chance we’ll get around to it one of these days, although I can’t say it’s an enormously high priority…:wink:

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SSiKlingon would actually be really interesting for me, too – I claim Klingon as one of the languages that I can speak, but actually “speak” here means that I practise individual vocabulary items on flashcards regularly.

So when I’m actually called on to, you know, speak it, I have to retrieve it one word at a time, which takes “forever”. Ditto when listening to one of the few fluent speakers, when I have to parse each word of the sentence individually. Very little chunking except on very common phrases I’ve heard a lot. (For example, words such as “speak”, “can speak”, or “see” which often get trotted out as examples.)

I’ve been meaning to increase my spoken fluency in Klingon for a while, and I thought 2017 might be the year I focus on that… when along came SaySomethingInWelsh :blush: (oops)

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